Vinyl Casement Windows
vinyl casement window


Vinyl casement windows let in the warm breezes, keep the cold winds at bay, and let you enjoy the view all year round.

A Vinyl casement window has a side-hinged sash that opens from the side towards the exterior.

With a vinyl casement window, t here’s no need to stretch to reach a top lock because the window unlocks with one easy-to-reach latch. Available in single or multi-unit combinations, our casement windows offer smooth operation and maximum ventilation. Add a breath of fresh air to any room in your house with a Harvey solid vinyl casement window.

  • ENERGY STAR qualified with optional Low-E glazing (add Argon gas for added energy efficiency)
  • Single latch, multi-point locking system on casement secures window at top, middle and bottom of sash
  • Window opens to a 90° angle for easy cleaning from the interior of your home
  • Fiberglass full screen
  • Color-matched compact folding handle


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